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Engineering test page

With over 40 years of experience in engineering and concept development for complex projects, 5th Axis has the necessary skills to design and fabricate any component. Our engineering department is proficient in 3D-Cad modeling, finite element analysis and CNC programming. With our wide range of experience in the design and fabrication of composites, thermoplastics, injection molding, castings, wood and metal we are able meet the needs of our clientele. 

By utilizing the latest software and equipment, 5th Axis is able to generate low cost composite tooling, prototype models, and low volume production components.Geometric shapes are generated by 5th Axis, or imported from customers specific software through Solidworks 3D-solid modeling software. The programming of our 5 axis CNC machines is achieved with Mastercam; This software allows you to machine very complex shapes using the full range of our 5 axis machines.